Take the time to unwind with a soothing massage

Massage treatments

Classic back massage
approx. 20 minutes
30,00 €
Relaxing foot massage
approx. 25 minutes
35,00 €
Face massage
approx. 20 minutes
30,00 €
Russian honey massage
This traditional Russian massage is perfect for detoxifying your connective tissue. Specific suction and cupping techniques that are made possible by the honey’s consistency are applied to release adhesions in the tissue. The honey increases blood circulation and leaves your skin looking great.
approx. 30 minutes
40,00 €
Lomi Lomi massage
Lomi Lomi is a very special kind of Hawaiian massage that is accompanied by soft sounds, special massage techniques and the fragrance of selected massage oils. Let go of stress…
Back massage
approx. 30 minutes
45,00 €
Full-body massage
approx. 60 minutes
95,00 €
Full-body aroma massage
approx. 60 minutes
85,00 €
Massage combination
Back aroma massage and relaxing foot massage
approx. 50 minutes
60,00 €
Body & Soul warm candle massage
Lie back and relax. Watch how your massage oil is made and how a candle is used to prepare it for use. Let go. Unwind.
Back massage
approx. 30 minutes
38,00 €
Full-body massage
approx. 60 minutes
85,00 €
Bamboo massage
A very special kind of massage using finely polished bamboo sticks that are rolled over the body from bottom to top, thereby releasing muscular tensions. A special benefit of this massage is the strong lymphatic effect.
Back, arms and hands
approx. 30 minutes
40,00 €
Full-body massage
approx. 60 minutes
80,00 €
Price list, effective Jan. 2017


Fun in the sauna! The hotel’s sauna area offers a range of temperatures: sweat yourself healthy, invigorate your circulation, detox and rejuvenate. Subsequently, head to our sundeck or relaxation room and put your feet up. Bathrobes and bath towels are available for every hotel guest visiting our sauna area.

  • 90° C Finnish sauna
  • 45° C steam bath
  • 45° C aroma grotto
  • Adventure showers
  • Kneipp bench
  • Heated bench


The body begins to relax only when your mind and your soul are freed from everyday strain. Nothing is more soothing than a massage that loosens your muscles and rejuventates the body with new energy. Do something good for your body. Take advantage of our different massage treatments and complementary body treatments on offer. Let go and get pampered.

  • Reflexology massage
  • Partial body massage
  • Spa treatments


Immerse yourself in a world of scents, sounds and pleasures inspired by the sun, beach and ocean. Spend endless hours relaxing.

We, the team at the “Harmonie” cosmetics studio at the Kleinen Strandburg, look forward to your visit.

  • Facial for him and her
  • Active lifting treatment
  • Sea buckthorn wellness treatment
  • Eye cosmetics (eyebrow shaping, eyebrow and eyelash tinting)

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